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A world-class fintech engineering team with a solid background of practice.

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A world-class fintech engineering team with a solid background of practice,Catchway combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. With our extensive experience, our team can help with staking platforms development.

Our portfolio covers the following Staking Projects

Stablecoin-based DeFi Staking platforms

These platforms have their own stablecoins, which are assets more resistant to volatility than conventional cryptocurrencies. Liquidity providers or yield farmers stake these stablecoins against crypto assets and then other users can borrow them by paying a commission to the platform. Part of this commission goes to the stakers.

Synthetic tokens staking platforms

These platforms allow the issuance of so-called synthetic assets that are not related to the blockchain (like gold, silver, fiat money). The platform generates a token representing a real asset and makes it available to the crypto market. Users can also place these assets in liquidity pools and receive interest.

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DeFi staking aggregators

These are in fact ordinary DeFi aggregators that provide information about several liquidity pools and protocols in a single interface. They help users more intelligently allocate their assets in order to get the maximum return on investment.

Why Choose Ctachway for your Staking Projects

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Catchway offers customized solutions to develop and deliver DeFi staking software that resonate with impact.

DeFi Services


Crypto exchanges have forayed into the staking business, owing to the number of users on these platforms. You can leverage your existing crypto exchange or build a new one, to offer DeFi staking services.


Like many businesses, you can use a crypto wallet to offer DeFi staking services to your users. It requires you to provide your users with a secure and user-friendly wallet where they can stake their assets.

Staking as a Service Platform

Unlike exchanges and wallets that double up as trading and storage platforms respectively, staking-as-a-service software are committed to staking only. Staking on these kinds of platforms is known as soft staking.

Our Process


We ensure that we comprehend the client’s requirement and contextualize Blockchain as per their business needs.


We help the client to develop a a go-to-market plan with our strategy and advisory services facilitating the organizational readiness and preparation for business impact.


We design and architect a crypto wallet to engage stakeholders to build solutions ready for the deployment.


We ensure smooth deployment and continuous support post deployment to ensure that the solutions have a tangible impact on the business.