BEP 20 Token Development

A BEP20 token generator can give you a token quickly but will lack codebase quality if you’re a serious project. To enter the DeFi market, our smart contract specialists can develop bep20 tokens that pass audits and work efficiently.

The Services Include

Token Creation

Smart Contract Integration

NFT Marketplace

DEX Development

Wallet Integration

Token Listing

Contract Features

Token Burn

This feature allows you to destroy tokens and take them out of circulation. This in turn makes your token scarcer and more valuable.

Token Pause

The token pause feature allows you to pause all transactions on a token. Perfect for minimizing damage in case of an issue.

Token Mint

The token mint feature allows you to create new tokens and bring them into circulation. Perfect for reward-based utility tokens.

Pause Address

With this feature, you can pause individual addresses. It helps you take control of your project and screen-put bat actors in the network.

Redistribution (Reflection)

This feature allows you to distribute rewards to your token holders based on the number of tokens they hold I'm their wallets.

Auto LP additions

You can take an amount from each token transaction and add to the liquidity pool. This makes your liquidity pool larger gradually.