Catchway has a dedicated team of RFID designers, developers, consultants and also project managers. We use our expertise to integrate the latest technology developments in RFID industry from time to time.



Guests can use their RFID id to ensure all facilities in the hotel for getting in breakfast tables and also access swimming pools, other facilities. It will be integrated with hotel access card. RFID API enables to share data with the mobile app and also updates payments to billing system automatically, by this user will pay all bill at once at the counter.

Parking System

RFID parking system is implemented in malls and big buildings, where outside on LED, we can display available parking slots and filled parking slots at the same time. RFID system makes parking management easier and cost-effective solution, where we can integrate API with payment wallet of the customer to receive payments automatically without any delay.



RFID Person Tracking

RFID Technology has been used for track assets and personnel inside of office building or premises. Readers will be installed in all entry and exit points to track every person present location automatically, whoever carry the id card. This data will be connected to the central database to show any personal position on security or boss screen. RFID also useful for protecting infrastructure/machines to trace current positions and protect them from stealing. Its also can be useful in emergency situations, fire exit evacuations - and for counting people at assembling point.

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