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Software Development:

Financial Management System

You need financial management solutions that
  • Reduce your costs.
  • Shorten process cycle times.
  • Achieve data consistency.
  • Enforce global financial standards and processes.
  • Improve financial transparency.

You can solve those problems and do great work with Infor FMS. It's powerful, customizable, and implements quickly, without disrupting your business. So you get quick payback and quick results.

Personal Data Management System

A database management system is a suite of software applications that together make it possible for people or businesses to store, modify, and extract information from a database. Sound like something found only in bank vaults? It's not. You can find database management systems many places in your everyday life.

That ATM that you get cash out of every week is a database management system. When you make flight reservations online, you're providing information that is entered into a database management system. Even the library that you or your children check out books from runs on a database management system.

Accounts Management System


AMS can be a great asset for your business. As a full service national debt collection agency. We help companies by collecting funds that are due them from debtors from all over the USA and on a International basis. We assist debtors by helping them to make payment plans to get their delinquent account paid in full, and clients by holding down the costs of debt collection to their accounts receivable departments. We also offer very competitive Rate programs which are lower than most debt collection agencies."

Company Management System

Company Management System is a great software which allows the management of small and average companies

CMS is one more product produced by Gepok Software Solutions. Company Management System is a great software which allows the management of small and average companies in questions of stock control, financier, customers, suppliers among others. Its objective is make possible the management of your business in an organized and simple way. Main features:

  • RCMS can work together with different operational systems like Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux over the same network
  • One extremely simple computer configuration is needed to execute CMS.
  • Grant access only to desired people. Choose the access level of your employees..
  • Look the sales, purchases, movements accomplished by your employees.
  • CMS provide a good status of your stock...Create reports of your customers, employees, suppliers, contacts .

Marketing Solutions:

Mobile Communication Management

Delivering an integrated, proactive approach to manage your mobile telecommunications expenses

Most organizations are looking for ways to reduce or optimize their mobile telecommunications costs. A shortage of specialized skills, inadequate manual processes or disconnected tools complicates your ability to gain control over telecom spending. Large organizations face the additional challenge of complex and disparate telecom expense management (TEM) tools and processes which do not provide reliable expense metrics reporting to make informed business decisions. With increasing telecommunications costs, you need help identifying and rectifying billing errors and managing multiple networks, vendors, contracts and processes with limited visibility into telecommunications spending and insufficient or inadequately trained in-house staff.

Stratagic Management Solutions

Catchway is a specializing in applications of business analytics and management science to critical business problems in the areas of supply chain strategy, complexity management, and pricing.

We also provide a range of additional consulting and training services in the areas of strategic planning, sales and marketing, forecasting, and analytics.

Utilizing an analytical, data-driven approach, we advise companies of all sizes on issues of strategic importance in today’s increasingly complex and information-rich business environment.

Identity & Brand Creators

When a new brand is created, it will be easier for salespeople to sell, customers to buy, and for the company’s brand to build equity. A better understanding is established, a clearer communication recognized between audience and subject.

A brand is a company’s reputation and persona, and a great brand is considered to be a valuable company asset. Future success is dependant on building public awareness, preserving reputations, and upholding values. A strong brand identity will help build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty, which in turn helps make a company more successful.

Stratagic Management Solutions

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