Telegram – The Slapping Answer to WhatsApp

Anyone used telegram, did u compare WhatsApp and telegram, which is faster? which is better? which is more fun? – the answer is simple – ” its called Telegram”. A 33-year old Pavel Durov invented this pure cloud-based chatting, which takes 5-10mb of phone space, rest of everything loads from the cloud. If u wish to follow, most of the people following, it will be WhatsApp. Whatsapp consumes your phone memory and takes a lot of time sync between your computer and mobile, the telegram is faster than WhatsApp – and it doesn’t depend upon either mobile or desktop, both are different. Telegram shows creativity in their platform almost every 2 weeks, their updates and innovation are outstanding.

Catchway implemented calling/video conferences by using WebRTC protocols, where we inspired from telegram techniques. Currently, Catchway working on client requirement of developing a business hub APP, where people can share pictures and other information, following footprints of Telegram.