Elon Musk – $0 Marketing

Tesla CEO – Elon Musk said – he is not going to spend on marketing, its almost $0. He believes in the great product will get free word of mouth, that’s equals to billion dollars marketing. Instead of spending million dollars on marketing, he is going to use it for better products. The video, by Marques Brownlee, has nearly 1 million views on YouTube, technically reaching 1 million views, any company has to spend least $10,000.

Elon uses twitter account mostly for promoting Tesla Cars, of course, SpaceX doesn’t need any marketing, it has created an American brand in smart rocket making. When he launches any new car model, he shows other products on the same platform, gives free live streaming on youtube to get people’s attention. Recently he announced he is going to start a manufacturing plant in China, that’s indirectly saying that he is not dependent on USA_CHina trade wars. That announcement fetched almost +15% increase of share value in over nite.

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